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Join us for Richard and Lynn's Run Together


Richard and I met at a personal development seminar in San Francisco, CA in November 2011.  I had just experienced an incredible health transformation, having just lost 77lbs in 5 ½ months and was searching for my purpose in life.

March 2011 was the beginning of my journey.  My health was so poor; I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs with a laundry basket.   I had to ask my husband, or my then 11 year old son to carry it for me.  At the age of 46, weighing 239lbs with blood pressure of 180/150, I knew my time was limited if I did not change.  Certainly running a marathon was not on my horizon, but there are two facts that remain.   I did lose 77lbs in 5 ½ months and I ran my first marathon; it was 15 months from the time I decided to change my life to crossing the marathon’s finish line.

It’s been 2.5 years since I began my journey and I have maintained my health and weight loss and continue to get stronger, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.  I certainly didn’t achieve this alone, having surrounded myself with a very influential team, I call it, Run As One,  Very soon, Run As One team will be introduced as this journey continues.

By what I interpret as divine intervention, Richard and I happened to attend yet another seminar this past June, in San Diego CA.  Because I live in New Hampshire, and Richard lives in California, I had not seen nor spoken to Richard since November 2011. 

Once again I was taken by Richards courage as he and I worked together on and off thru out that week in June.  Richard Batiste, a man with great strength and perseverance, that someone whom has taught me so much thru his example.  His uncommon valor, his calm manor, his faith and spirituality exudes from him.  I discovered that I would actually hide behind him in some of our work together at this seminar because of my own self imposed limitations.  I often wondered what disease Richard had, and I finally found the courage to ask him.  Richard has Multiple Sclerosis.  He is a retired marine, retired because of his infliction with M S.  Richard’s health has continually deteriorated, to the point where he is confined to a wheelchair and has limited use of one of his arms.

While Richard and I listened to the many phenomenal keynote speakers this past June, one of the keynote speakers in particular stuck out for me.  Jim Stovall’s message was so profound it brought tears of guilt along with tears of hope to my eyes.   In Jim Stovall’s speech, he stated, “as you begin to understand that you don’t have the right for one day or even one moment to be anything less than the best you can be, you will realize that mediocrity is the most selfish pursuit of any human being.”  Jim continued his speech claiming, “Consider the thousands and thousands of people behind you waiting for you to help them”.



Jim’s message was so powerful; I could actually visualize these people, one of which was Richard sitting next to me in his motorized wheelchair.

I couldn’t sleep that night.  Jim’s speech ran over and over in my mind.  This was a defining moment for me, where I decided I was going to do exactly that, be the best I can be while helping others.

As Richard and I had worked on our goals together at the June seminar, it wasn’t until the closing ceremony when it came to me.  Not only am I going to begin sharing my stories, I’m going to run my next marathon, but this time it won’t be just for me.  I’m going to ask if Richard would honor me by sharing the experience together thru letting me run with and for him while pushing him in a road race wheelchair, in the Marine Corps Marathon this year.   What a gift to Richard, and frankly to myself, but mostly for the people standing or sitting behind us, waiting for us to help them.  The very people Jim Stovall spoke of, who are afraid to “test their own self imposed limitations” because of their current and perhaps challenging circumstances.

As Richard and I work on our goals, we together “as one” have begun to realize our dreams.  These dreams and goals inside our soul and minds, no longer trapped by that relentless fear we all know too well, the fear that keeps suppressing thoughts or actions of transformation. 

As I “lean” into my fears, thru daily practice of forgiveness and gratitude, I am accepting the fact that I can become something more and perhaps one day truly make a difference in someone’s life.  Writing my stories of resurrecting my health, surviving financial difficulty and sharing journey’s like “Richards Run”, all to help others during their own times of sorrow and pain, is the true meaning of living.  It is ok to be human, ok to be vulnerable.

If you have a dream or a goal, don’t wait.  If I can do it, so can you.  Pursue your dreams, don’t worry about the details, they’ll come.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  Failure is only in not trying.  As Jim Stovall would say, “Success feels the fear and moves forward anyway.

There are two things I am certain of.  I will help others, and when I am called to my savior, I will have left no stone unturned.

Lynn Petry lives in New London, NH with her loving and supportive husband of 24 years, Damian and their 13 year old son, Damian Jr.   Lynn and Damian’s 22 year old daughter, Alyssa, lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Lynn’s greatest inspiration has been from her husband and children’s constant love and support.  If you would like to contact Lynn, please email her at or call 603-340-7330.

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As Richard and I work on our goals, we together “as

one” have begun to realize our dreams.

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